USPS Certifications

Barton & Cooney is a full service mail provider. Below are our certifications from the USPS:

USPS Full Service Certified

Full Service refers to a strict set of standards the USPS requires mail service providers to follow in order to mail at a discounted rate. Barton & Cooney was the first in our area to receive full service approval.

USPS Authorized DMU (Detached Mail Unit)

Barton & Cooney is an authorized DMU (Detached Mail Unit). This means the USPS has an acceptance unit located within our facility to clear mail and get it into the mail stream quicker.

USPS Certified & Priority Mail Approved

We are approved by the USPS to send certified mail and priority mail using the IMpb barcode. We eliminate the need to manually fill out certified mail slips and can provide both signature scans and other tracking information.

USPS Drop Shipment Approved

The USPS Drop Shipment Management System (DSMS) program allows approved mail service providers to track mail pallets and receive additional postal discounts.

USPS Co-Palletization Approved

The USPS Co-Palletization program allows approved mail service providers to combine smaller mail runs with a larger mail pool to receive greater postal discounts.